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Building Automation Controls  was established in 2011 with over 40 years previous experience in Controls and Building Management systems. BAC is totally Tasmanian owned and operated, employing 13 highly skilled Tasmanians, who provide specialist knowledge and expertise in building automation, control and integration systems.

BAC maintains a flexible multi-skilled and multiple trade workforce that embraces challenges and ongoing training to stay up-to-date with developments across our industry.

Rick Manser
Managing Director

I started in this industry in the mid 80’s as a Mechanical Services plumber with Knapp Lewer, where I also qualified as a gas fitter. I was part of the commissioning team and was often one of the last person on projects. 

In the early 90’s I continued my career with TCM becoming familiar with CAD drafting, IT and Controls, working on DDC systems. Needing electrical qualifications I then completed my electrical training.  In 2010 I formed BAC as a Mechanical and Electrical Contracting company specializing in Building Automation and DDC control systems. 
In my spare time I like to travel and also enjoy using my trades to build and renovate properties, with special interest in ever changing technologies available. Once talking to my house would have seemed strange, now it’s normal - oh and it does talk back too.

Chris Upton
Controls Supervisor

I began my career in the Mechanical Services industry as an Electrical Apprentice with TCM in 1998, where I spent a number of years maintaining and repairing
HVAC systems. Soon after completing my apprenticeship I became involved in the commissioning of jobs - DDC/BMS/Electrical as well as air and water balancing systems.

Since 2006 I have specialised in BMS and DDC controls, having also worked at Schneider Electric and Honeywell, allowed me to obtain a working knowledge
of a number of control systems, before moving back to BAC in 2016 and re-uniting with my first apprentice, Damien.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and having a few quiet drinks watching 'the Pies' on a Friday night as well as pending time on the water - sailing and fishing.

Robert Reid
Electrical Manager

I have only been working at BAC for the past 18 months but have known most of the staff for many years from my previous position with another company, working alongside them on many different successful projects.

When I decided to leave, I was given the opportunity by Rick to help set up and establish the BAC Mechanical Electrical section. I am now employed as the Electrical Manager and have helped BAC to continue to grow and establish ourselves as a reputable, reliable, number one controls company in Tasmania.

When not working, my young family takes up much of my spare time with sport and other actives, including football, swimming and netball.

I have a passion for motorcycles and on the rare occasion that I get time to myself I ensure that the time is either spent riding or working on one of my bikes.

Damien Jarvis
Controls Technician

As one of the founding members of BAC, Damien has many years of experience in the industry enabling him to provide support for the whole team and also has a reputation for finding creative solutions to any problems that ma.y arise.

Damien is a volunteer with the Derwent Valley Railway as the Infrastructure Manager and works hard repairing track, restoring locomotives and other rail related equipment with the goal of resuming tourist passenger trains to National Park.

Damien is also an avid gamer and the highly details fantasy worlds of modern PC games.

He also has a natural affinity for science and technology and enjoys keeping up-to-date with the latest scientific developments and technological breakthroughs.

Peter De Hoog
Controls Technician/Electrician

Life is too short to be making permanent decisions!

After working with the company I did my electrical apprenticeship with since 1976, I commenced employment with BAC in July 2015.

I'd had a short break between Feb 2017 and June 2018, having moved to Townsville to enjoy some time with family and grandchildren.

I cut my teeth on Satchel controls with Bubbleland and had some exposure to Infotech systems whilst in Queensland. The Niagara Tridium system sure has developed greatly compared to some of the earlier DDC systems!

I enjoy all things that get me on or in the water - boating, fishing, sailing, snorkelling or just mucking about in the water, that's if I'm not tending to the garden or taking my Yammy cruiser for a spin.

Rowan Gordon
Controls Technician

Having been a refrigeration/air conditioning tech for over 18 years, I have recently embarked on a mature-age electrical apprenticeship since starting with BAC around 3 1/2 years ago, working as a controls technician specialising in data centre controls and equipment.

In my spare time I enjoy working on my 1969 Holden Monaro any chance I get, or anything involving drawing - from designing small business logos to tattoos.

Grant Headshot.jpg
Grant Chilcott
Controls Technician / Maintenance Supervisor

As one of the founding employees of BAC I have returned after a stint as a maintenance manager at another company.

Leigh Ritson
Energy Reporting & Support

After a career in the music industry working as a musician, Sound Technician and Recording Engineer, I completed an A-Grade Electrical Certificate, focusing on Mechanical Services, Commercial and Industrial sectors.

Being a Sound Engineer with an interest in electrical componentry and circuitry gave me a unique understanding into the controls of Mechanical Engineering.
I joined BAC as a Controls Technician in 2014.

After a life changing event in 2015, I have transitioned to the working in the office, providing Energy Reporting and Analytics to our clients, giving them the potential of more efficient and sustainable energy consumption.

As the father of a year old son, I encourage him to play music alongside me as I continue to play and create in my spare time.

Nicholas Davidson
Toby Peppin
Owen Ransly

Having all come through BAC as apprentices our team of electricians specialising in BMS and mechanical electrical installations including energy meter installations

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