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Our Services


our services

BAC specialises in the integration of new and legacy Building Management Systems (BMS), DDC Control Systems, Energy Monitoring Systems, Edge and IoT (Internet of Things) equipment, Modulating Control Valves, BMS Sensors and transducers
and Mechanical Electrical Switchboards.

Building Automation

System Integration

Building Retrofits

Designing solutions to your building automation needs and working closely to get the best comfortable and energy efficiency possible

System Installation

Our experienced team specialise in the installation of building management systems from start to finish.

Integrating legacy systems to extend their usable life as well as integrating many building services together for an efficient outcome.

Mechanical Electrical

Electrical installations specialising in the mechanical services area with our team of experienced electricians.

Retrofitting buildings with new state of the art building management systems. Bring your building from the past to the future.



Maintaining building automation, DDC and BMS systems to the highest standards.


Energy Meter Certification



Energy monitoring and reporting along with analytics, ranging from small to large systems.

Certification of energy meters and validation to NABERS requirements.

BAC takes pride in supplying local on-the-ground support, with a personal touch,
 for all our clients.

Pools & Aquatic Centres

BAC has extensive experience in the control of pool water and air systems from large to small.

Data Centres

BAC has several Data Centre control systems for several clients throughout Tasmania. We specialise in high level integration of all services.

Smart City -

Edge - IOT

BAC is always working to be at the forefront of technical trends and advances. We are working on expanding the scope of controls towards the future.

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